August 25, 2009

“Rikku’s Theme” Video, from FFX Piano Collections

One of my favorite arrangements by Masashi Hamauzu from the FFX Piano Collections, an adorable rendition of Rikku’s Theme with hints of bossa nova. I downloaded the sheet music from SODA Sheet Music and altered it a little bit for accuracy.

I also added an extra high E at the very end, which wasn’t in the original performance by Aki Kuroda. For some reason, it just felt right!

The FFX piano arrangements are very inspirational to me. I’d definitely like to take an example of their inventiveness when I make own game music arrangements in the future.


  1. Very pretty and such expression. Rikku would be proud =p. My favorite part is from 2:03 and on. And you're right about the high E at the end. It makes the ending sound complete =)

  2. I also like 2:03 and on. It's like... a massage! XD I'm still trying to figure out how you are so accurate with your fingering. You are just, amazing. :P

  3. Is there gonna be any sheet music for this? I love it! :D