August 12, 2009

A Custom Boss Battle Medley

The last time I put together a Boss Battle Medley, I picked songs that my friend Mike and I enjoyed mutually since it was a gift to him. He’s familiar with a lot of SNES/Playstation RPGs that I’ve never played, like Final Fantasy, Chrono Cross and Secret of Mana.

Between the “you have good taste” comments I received about it, I began to realize with guilt that the medley didn’t quite capture my taste, since I was arranging it for someone else. I started to wonder what I’d put in my own boss battle medley, were I arranging one as a gift to myself. After coming up with a list of songs, I’ve decided that the end result would sound... interesting. Even awful. Or maybe amazingly epic. It’s hard to tell.

I’d open with “The Extreme” from Final Fantasy VIII, using the introductory section between 0:19-1:40. I also like the sound of 3:16-3:48.

I’d want to play something crazy, like “Danger” from Secret of Mana.

Or the lick at 0:44 from “Meridian Dance.”

Somewhere in the medley, I’d try to squeeze in the “Decisive Battle” from FFX, as featured in the Piano Collections.

I’d also include several boss battles that were definitely not meant to be played on the piano.

“Dark Beast Ganon” from Zelda: Twilight Princess.

“VS Altair (Part 2)” from Bomberman 64.

“Master Hand” from the original Super Smash Brothers.

“Smithy Battle (Part 2)” from Super Mario RPG.

Some medley that would be, huh?


  1. Those are some pretty good choices. I'm only familiar with the Dark Beast Ganon and Master Hand tunes, but I'm sure the others would work out just fine. How about some boss battle music from Mario Galaxy, Metroid, or Golden Sun? You could even take the cool battle theme from Final Fantasy 13!!

  2. I'm scared... XD Aivi, you might make me think about all of the bosses I was forced to use up days trying to beat.- I'm sure it'll be hella awesome!

  3. The music that plays for the Shadow Queen boss battle in Paper Mario 2 is so cool! You could definitely use that in your medley =)

  4. What you have here is one of the best compilations of Boss battle melodies I've ever heard, and I'm being completely realistic. After briefly listening to the final fantasy songs, after already knowing them very well from thousands of listenings, I was inspired to hear the small sublets which could be played in a whole new light via piano. Also, hearing such themes as "Vs Altair" and "Master Hand" (Origional) brings back some great memories. Thanks for this, and I hope you produce the "Intense Boss Battle" :D


  5. Althoug I'm not familiar with all the videogames I thought that all of the songs were really cool. It would be really interesting to hear these songs in a piano medley, and with you playing it simply can't sound bad (:

  6. jesus christ i almost crapped myself! lol srsly his is the best ive heard, ive only heard one

  7. Hey Aivi!
    A great boss battle could be the Molgera Battle from Wind Waker because that is one of the best boss songs I've heard!

    Thanks for everything!

  8. Hey, Aivi!

    I am making a piano medley of mine, too. I think there are 12 songs and it is 3:55.
    They are: Main Theme (Legend of Zelda)
    Boss Battle 2 (Star Fox 64)
    The Brink of Death (Chrono Cross)
    Good Egg Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy)
    "Secret" Sound Effect (Legend of Zelda Series)
    Comet Observatory (Super Mario Galaxy)
    Main Theme (Super Mario Galaxy 2)
    Space Junk Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy)

    Meridian Dance (Secret of Mana)

    Toad Brigade (Super Mario Galaxy)

    Besaid Island (Final Fantasy X)
    Do you think it might be good? because I already played the melodies and it sounded pretty cool, but, your Boss Battle Piano Medley sounds better than the one I arranged, hehe!

  9. Hi!

    I like that list of songs that you said. But, if you are going to play it in your blog, can you please show your fingers on the keys and your face? I hadn't seen your face for a long time. P.S. Can you put your fluffy luma pillow on your piano, too while you play? Please reply my message...

  10. Hi Aivi, It is the piano medley guy who wrote what i put in my meldey!

    I also added,
    Buoy Base Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy)
    Dino Piranha (Super Mario Galaxy)
    Zeroumus (Final Fantasy IV - FFIV Piano Collections - I think.)

    There is a talent show at my school and I want to know if my piano medley is ok. Because you are the only pianist that I know that can answer this even though I am in Canada and you are in Unites States. So, please reply this message. The talent show is on April 29th, 2011. Please reply this message and let me know how you like the songs. P.S. I also played it by ear because I can't read music and it is easier if you play it by ear. Please reply this message...