August 15, 2009

“Palace” Video, from Zelda: Adventure of Link

The famous “Palace” music from Zelda II, a quick gift for a good friend. It’s a simple arrangement that only took about 15 minutes to come up with, but it’s been awhile since I’ve posted a video, so why not?

Despite my silence on YouTube, I’ve been working on a number of videogame arrangements – the ideas on my to-do list have just been taking some time to write and practice. In fact, I met up with the multi-talented Alex Culang yesterday (one of the artists behind the Buttersafe webcomic, and a multi-talented musician) to jam on our Dragon Roost Island arrangement. I’m also working on a monstrous Melty Molten Galaxy duet with Zach Sershon (zachpiano on YouTube). So, keep your eyes and ears open!


  1. It sounds great!! I can't believe it only took you 15 minutes to come with it!! You're amazing!! =)

  2. Bookmarked. I'll have to watch this later. Right now I'm just swamped with assignments.

    How would you like to write me a theme song? I totally feel like having a song heralding my arrival to class.

  3. I was poking around the piano a few days ago trying to copy this song... weird that you posted it right after. >.>
    ... But it's great! I love it. 50x better than my little poke around. :) And Zach is great too! :O Give him my compliments on his "SSBM piano" in person if you can.

  4. Oh, yay, I want to see those projects soon! Specially the Dragon Rost Island one, sounds great.

    About the Zelda II music, i like it a lot, but...

    In my opinion it's a little rushed at the begining. It's sure was arranged this way when Kondo composed it for Zelda II, but I think it had potential for something softer, more piano, at least the first part.

    Anyway, the explosion on 1:00 was just fantastic, I wasn't expecting it to be that way xD

    Go on, you're great!

  5. @Nat - Thanks!

    @Savin - Hehe, that would definitely annoy a few people if you're the kind of person who comes to class late...

    @John - That's neat, that we were both working on this theme at the same time! I'm actually coordinating with Zach over the internet so it'll be a split-screen video, if we get around to finishing. :) His SSBM opening is so good!

    @Knoll - I do agree, this song has a lot of potential for a more interesting piano arrangement. I stuck pretty closely to the versions I've heard (SSBM, mostly) since I wanted to record it quickly for the sake of posting another video.


  7. is it possible for you to write the music for this theme? ><

    thanks a BILLION~ =D

  8. Es increible! Te sabes todas las canciónes más famosas de Nintendo y otras plataformas que existen!

    Eres mi idola :)

  9. Hey great work. could you please upload the sheet music for this song?:) x

  10. Aivi! When are you going to show us your duet with Zach Sershon. You know, the duet of "Super Mario Galaxy - Melty Molten Galaxy (Piano/other instrument). Please excuse he errors. I am in a rush or else i am going to get grounded. just kidding.

  11. waltzforluma (Waltz for Luma) FanMay 21, 2011 at 12:26 PM

    Did you get your new Roland RD-700 NX because zachpiano (YouTube)has it? Just wondering and where is your Yamaha Clavinova CVP-96? Just wondering... again.