October 17, 2008

“Freezeflame Galaxy” Video, from Super Mario Galaxy

I was toying around with the idea of a “cold versus hot” medley, using the Freezeflame and Melty Molten Galaxy themes from Super Mario Galaxy. They complement each other so well – they’re in the same key and completely opposite in character. Freezeflame is sparse and electronic, while Melty Molten is epic and orchestral.

Sadly, I’ve been having trouble playing Melty Molten, so here’s Freezeflame Galaxy on the piano by itself.

October 16, 2008

“Boss Battle Piano Medley” Sheet Music and Video

Format: PDF
Difficulty: Advanced
Info: A monster medley of boss battles that I arranged last year, as a present for a friend. These pieces are included in the medley, however extensive or brief (click on them to hear the originals):
If you decide to perform this, please credit me for the arrangement. (It’d also be nice if you’d let me know where I can see you play it, though it’s not necessary.) Thanks!

October 14, 2008

“Song of Healing” and “Fairy Fountain” Sheet Music, from the Legend of Zelda Series

Two Zelda tunes for pianists of all skill levels!

Format: PDF
Difficulty: Beginner-Intermediate
Info: From Majora’s Mask. I made this for one of my piano students (who played it beautifully! I was so proud of her.)

Format: PDF
Difficulty: Advanced
Info: From Link to the Past, and heard in nearly every Zelda game after that.

October 1, 2008

“Shadow’s End Forest” Video, from Chrono Cross

My arrangement of “Shadow’s End Forest” from Chrono Cross, for six hands (three pianos).