November 19, 2008

“Space Junk Galaxy” Video and Sheet Music, from Super Mario Galaxy

The “Space Junk Galaxy” theme, one of my favorite songs from Super Mario Galaxy. I instantly fell in love with it when I heard it. 

Format: PDF
Difficulty: Intermediate-Advanced
Info: The arrangement from my Space Junk Galaxy video. (Hear the original.)

I’m not sure if this has any place here, but this was a very emotional piece for me. My grandmother just passed away two weeks ago, and in the midst of this strange loneliness, I felt the need to play this sweet, beautiful song for both her and myself.

This was a heartfelt and therapeutic performance for me, and for those of you who enjoyed it, thank you very much.


  1. you play perfectly well!
    i'm your fan :D

  2. I played this song by ear but wow does your piano sound cool. I've got a cheapity, cheap, piano that make embarassing toot sounds it calls grand piano noise. I dream every day for a better one but hey...a guy can't have everything.

    I heard your other piano pieces........(sob sniff)...I hate you!!!!--and love you--It depends

  3. I love your piano skills...if only i were that good. =[

    Well i guess not everyone can be good at everything...

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Thank you for posting this video. out of all that you've done this is my favorite. and i'm very sorry to hear about your grandmother.

  5. Your so good! I'm going to favorite this site so I can learn all of these Super Mario Galaxy songs!

  6. hi my name in juan, from colombia i love the video games but the music is my real pasion im not a musician, in yours hands is all magic that i need to be fine, thanx alot for taht music, mario, zelda, final fantasy etc, thank you a lot

  7. Thanks so much for the sheet music, you have some great talent. I'm learning this song right now.

  8. damn girl, you are good, you have some skills. we have some things in common, we love game music, and one of my inspirations of create music is this. the only thing that we don't have in common is that you have a degree in music, i don't:( and you know the videos that you make, the piano arrangement, the compositions that you create, it makes me happy, complete.

    i'm telling you this, you are a great musician and keep up the good work. see ya:)

  9. how did u learn tht song!? i love mario galaxy and i wanna try to play some on the piano. i was wondering if u could post the sheet music on here. thanks

  10. when i tried to learn this song, the part where the left hand changes to treble, i accidently played it in base. its funny how sometimes that actually works since the notes change by a third! it sounded really cool, you should try it that way some time!

  11. "My grandmother just passed away two weeks ago, and in the midst of this strange loneliness, I felt the need to play this sweet, beautiful song for both her and myself."

    Wow. Now that I read that, every time I listen to this song I get the chills. I feel like it's MUCH more than an arrangement of a song from a videogame...

    You played this beautifully. Please keep up the good work :D

  12. what program do you use to transcribe your music?

  13. I am sorry for your lost
    I feel that you played this piece with much passion
    it was a beautiful performance that touch my own heart and I am sure your grandmother is happy knowing just how much she is loved and miss by you.

  14. You're amazing I love that piece of music, and I can feel you really miss your grandmother. Keep it up, and don't lose it....

    PLease may you show us the music sheet?
    Thx :)

    Coz girl your amazing just the way u are =) !

  15. For me this is a very emotional song and heartgrabbing song, I just HAVE to listen to it every time I feel emotional.

    It sounds better when you play it, I think you're very very good at piano. Keep it up and don't lose it.

    From Luma123 to the best pianist I've heard so far.

  16. I love Super Mario Galaxy soundtracks soooo much......

    I am a celestial luma and I think you are stellar.

    I luv your music like nothing I've heard before. It really IS music to my ears...

    I can really feel all the emotion expressed in this song, I am so sorry about your grandmother. I send you my best regards..

    Girl you're amazing just the way you are!

  17.'re amazing!

    I'm learning this song on the piano and you're my inspiration! Keep it up, girl!

  18. wow - your performances took my breath away. you're so amazing! i can play space junk galaxy, buoy base galaxy, comet observatory, good egg galaxy, sad story and to the gateway - all becoz of your sheet music!

    you play so wonderfully - im your biggest fan!

    by the way, for people who can't read sheet music - will this help? copy URL

  19. thanx anonymous for that youtube URL - it helped a lot.

    ps. dont mind my name it was copied from some one in the 'XMoto' forum.

  20. Thank you so much for putting up the notes! I printed them and teaching my son to play it, he loves this song and so do I... and btw, you play the piano wonderfully!! :)

  21. I can't see the sheet music! When I click on the link It says "404" Has it been taken down? I really want to learn this. :(