November 13, 2008

Sick Fingers

Hello! I’m still alive; I’ve just been down and out. I have a few YouTube covers in line for when I’m feeling better, like an F-Zero medley and “Space Junk Galaxy,” which might be more appropriate for my sick fingers at the moment. Hopefully I’ll be back in shape soon!

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  1. Hi! Well, first of nothing i have to tell you that I don't write English, but i'm doing an eforce (¿esfuerzo?) to do it. Haha! I know that my english sucks, but nevermind.
    Well! I've seen your videos playing the songs of Zelda Ocarina of Time and I just get dislumbred (¿Deslumbrado?), you are amazing! And I search you for "Waltz for Luma" in google and I discover your Blogger : ) If you want to make a friend from Chile I gave you my mail. I will be gratefull.