November 25, 2009

Masashi Hamauzu: “Defiers of Fate” from Final Fantasy XIII

(4/13/10: A higher quality audio sample of the theme is out there now, as well as its proper title, so I’ve updated this post to reflect my new finds.)

This piece is so cool! Even though I’ve only played one and a half Final Fantasy games, I’m excited for this soundtrack. I’m a fan of FFX’s music, which Masashi Hamauzu co-composed with Nobuo Uematsu and Junya Nakano. Apparently Masashi Hamauzu is working on the FFXIII soundtrack without Nobuo Uematsu.

“Defiers of Fate,” FFXIII’s trailer theme, composed by Masashi Hamauzu.

I love the blend of electronic and orchestral elements here. Both genres involve a very different palette of sounds and thought process for piecing those sounds together, but they fit together seamlessly in this piece and the composer clearly is fluent in them both. It sets up such a colorful sound world. (The bass accents kind of remind me of Nobuo Uematsu’s music, particularly the Menu Theme from Super Smash Brothers Brawl.)

Since I seem to like Final Fantasy music when Masashi Hamauzu is involved, I started looking into his other works, like the SaGa Frontier 2 soundtrack. I’m finding that I like just about everything I hear of his; at a glance, his music seems to be piano-oriented and mixes a lot of light electronic textures with heavy ambient chords and orchestral sounds. (Did I mention before that I’m a fan of light, “sparkly” sounds?) I think I’ve found a new favorite composer!


  1. I'm also quite glad that Hamauzu is doing the FFXIII soundtrack. If you look at the FFX soundtrack, most of the tracks that he does are the more ambient/electronic sounding ones; so apparently that is sort of like his specialty. (The original version of Besaid Island blended piano and electronic elements nicely, although it's not as intense as the piece you posted) I can't wait to hear what else comes out with FFXIII; gonna buy a PS3 just to play it.

  2. ummm, just wondering, if you ever make sheet music, and I re-create your songs on a program called Mario Paint Composer, will I be allowed to put up a video of the song on YouTube under your name? If you want to see some examples of MPC go here: (P.S. I am not this guy, I am this guy:

    really looking forward to seeing more of you on YouTube, and maybe as a filler, you could do Jolly Roger Bay? Just a suggestion. :D

  3. @Anonymous - Sure, the sheet music is yours to use. If you do a literal interpretation of any of my arrangements, a link back is always appreciated!

  4. Yay! oh joy! I was planning on making an SMG Medley soon. ;) if you wanna see some of my other works (and it would be greatly appreciated if you commented on them, they're here:

    Thank you very much! :)

  5. Hello

    I come from google xD looking for arrangeur pîano sheet from Hamauzu Masashi, if you find it, please tell me about it I will be very grateful ^^"
    email/msn : antogavrel at hotmail dot com

    By the way, it's indead the greatest composer of all time, I follow his work since saga frontier 2, and I was happy to learn about him in FFX, FFXIII and vielen danke. :)

  6. sadly Masashi Hamauzu left square enix on january 19 2010 damn you square enix always lokkin to change things "for the best" yeah right. anyways this was one of my favourite pieces he did. anyways rock on aivi you rule!

  7. The name of the song on iTunes is called Defiers of Fate. The soundtrack came out in March.

  8. this is a piece of the real theme of final fantay XIII battle and main theme, but this song is great the combination of orchestra and electronic music is awesome, i create some of this type of music here in mexico, but anyways if you ever happen to play this theme on that great piano that you have, it would be the awesome. maybe i can help if you want :)

  9. but i have to say this, we cannot say that this game has the best sountrack of all the final fantasy series, i can say that is the most complete and creative soundtrack but not the best, we have nobuo's greatest and beatiful work soundtracks like FFIX, FFIV, FFIII(one of my 3 favorites of FF), FFVIII, and the most listened FFVII. theses are awesome and they have a lots of great songs such as One Winged Angel, Liberi Fatali, FFIV main theme and dugeons, etc etc etc...

    Square has announced that the FFXIV soundtrack would be directed and composed by Nobuo Uematsu and i have listened the main theme and it is really great. :)

  10. I LOVE the trailer for Final Fantasy XIII

  11. The Japanese video game composer Masashi Hamauzu is one of the best one in the video games, I think that the video is really good.
    The first game the I played was Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII, and I think that it is the best one!22dd