July 6, 2011

“Planet Wisp” Video, from Sonic Colors

“Planet Wisp” composed by Kenichi Tokoi, from the amazing Sonic Colors soundtrack. I’m crazy excited that I had the chance to collaborate with one of my favorite musicians in the universe, Dave Harris (aka Blitz Lunar), an extremely talented sequencer and composer. He transcribed the entire “Planet Wisp” theme (by ear, of course) and I performed the piano part and solos alongside it.

Did you catch the Green Hill Zone reference in the piano? How about pixel Sonic on the right (inspired by http://snakestitch.wordpress.com)?

Download the MP3 here, and be sure to check out Dave’s YouTube channel and website.

As an aside, I started out in the game music community as a MIDI sequencer in the late 90’s, submitting transcriptions of videogame pieces to the Video Game Music Archive. (You can still find a lot of my work there under the alias Sirius. Don’t laugh too hard! I was super young.) I have a lot of admiration and respect for sequencers, as it requires both precision with one’s ear and precision in execution, which in turn requires a command of the technology. Dave and I started talking because of our common history with vgmusic.com (and our common adoration for soundtracks like Bomberman 64) and it’s been an absolute pleasure to get to work with someone who I share some sensibilities with. Plus, I get to show my appreciation for an art form that’s quite sentimental to me, and I wouldn’t be here today without it!


  1. Once again, amazing! Thank you for posting this, I really enjoyed listening to it! Most of your songs have made it to my iPod, (and now this one is in the collection) and I love listening to all of them! I thought you stopped posting after you did The Legend of Zelda Theme, but I'm glad that you're finally back! But anyways, this arrangement was beautiful, and you played it perfectly! :)

  2. Thank you so much! I'm happy that you enjoyed it.

    I promised myself that I'd never openly use "I work full time" as an excuse for my sparse updates, and it's certainly no excuse, but it's hopefully an explanation for why I'm pretty slow (along with being a perfectionist and wanting to spend a lot of time on my arrangements to make sure they're done right). I'm always around, though :]

  3. I knew it! This is really good.

  4. Hey, Aivi. Just a suggestion.
    I like to see for the songs (like
    Comet Observatory Medley). Example:
    Aivi Tran - Comet Observatory Medley.
    Because some people might get confuesd
    and think that it is a trumpet or violin
    or cello. (Aivi Tran - Comet Observatory Medley)
    Just a suggestion. Don't take it harshly.

  5. Love it! <3 Another song for my iPod while I make my homework :)
    (However, in my country we have holiday now...)

    Sorry for bad English. I'm from Holland :)
    Much love!

  6. Sonic Colors definetly has a great OST.

    Thank you, both of you, for your arrangement =)

  7. This sounds EXACTLY like the original. It is really awesome.

  8. The way you play, I can really hear it is you. I mean that ofcourse in a good way :) Thanks!

  9. It is remarkable, very interesting blog.

  10. Hi. Amazing...

    But can put the sheet music here, so we can attempt it?

  11. OMG Thanks so much I love this song!! besides aquarium park :3

  12. You are amazing on the piano! The only song I have ever managed to play is comet observatory!

  13. Amazing. Both the transcription and improvisation are spot-on. As an occasional vgmusic.com contributor, it's nice to meet an alumni, especially one who's doing such great things!

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