February 9, 2011

Musical Sketches: “Butterfly” and “Basic Step”

Are you a night owl or an early bird? I’m starting to think that I'm a little of both...

My boss at the music school asked me if I feel more creative during the day or the odd hours of the night. Many of my fellow music teachers have all mentioned that the magic happens at night, and I definitely agree that there’s just something about the night, having had my share of sessions where I actually see the sun rise while composing - but I feel inspired during the day, too! You’d think that after all this time, I’d know my own creative process, but I don’t. I guess I’m just a 24-hour music machine.

I did sort of notice something, though. I listened to a few songs that I recorded/composed at night, and then ones that I created during the day. It seems like the music that I make at night tends to be more fun, risky, free and uninhibited, while the music that I make during the day is controlled and concise.

I recorded two new sketches this month. They both took about the same amount of time. And here’s the fun part... one of them was recorded during the middle of the day, and the other was recorded in the middle of the night!

February 1, 2011

My “day” piece. This is a short idea for a new track that I came up with. I started with a minimal piano line, then threw some strings over it, although I’m not sure how much I like them. The piano part stays for sure, though! No particular reason behind this - I just felt like composing.

Wii Fit: Basic Step Improv
February 9, 2011

My “night” piece, an improvisation on the irresistibly cute “Basic Step” theme from Wii Fit. I was having way too much fun jamming on this tune. If you’ve never heard the original theme, check it out here. (I haven’t played Wii Fit for about two years, but I used to love doing the Basic Step just for the music! It’s certainly not DDR, but I’d still go all out and rock out anyway, while staying in step. It definitely makes my list of favorite video game tracks.)

Hope you enjoy!


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun!
    Very nice of you to give us some insight in your creation process. Thanks!

  2. Oh God, I too played Basic Step just for the Music many many times. I like your version a lot. It brings me back to the "old" days when I was "Wii Fitting" every day.

    I have to say something, though: if I had to guess which was "day creation" and which was "night inspiration" I would choose exactly the oposite it actually is.

    I think its because I think Day feels more happy and "carefree" to me. However, I feel more reflexive and serious at Night. Quite the oposite as your inspiration xD

    Butterfly is awesome by the way, but in my speakers Strings sound way too loud. Piano lines should have more presence in my opinion.

    Still, good to hear about you. I even follow you on Twitter now. It's fun reading about your little adventures as a musician.

    Keep the good work, Aivi!

  3. @Knoll - I'm so happy that you also appreciate the Basic Step theme! It's so catchy and endearing.

    I guess I see daytime being a time when you're presenting yourself to others - a time to be reserved and proper. But at night, when the world around you goes to sleep, it's time to let go and forget about the expectations that you're held to in everyday life. I think that could be a reason why the music I make during the day is a little more thought-out and polished, but the music that I make at night has a lot more uninhibited personality. I don't know. It's a theory that I'm working on!

    As for Butterfly, I totally agree. I didn't really mix the track before posting it here, but I'll be sure to put the piano in the foreground when I record a more polished, complete version.

    Thank you kindly for your comments, as always, Knoll!

  4. I can't stop listening to the Wii fit track! It's just sooo catchy!!

    great work, as always!
    Thanks for sharing this with us =)

  5. Haha. I had to go and see if I even had Wii Fit anymore XD I like your version better.

    As for the Day/Night thing; I always tend to be more thoughtful and expressive at night, and the day has more upbeat/free songs. I tend to play a lot of sad-ish songs because they're so pretty! I think that Butterfly is kind of a mix between the two

  6. Butterfly is one of the most fantastic pieces of music I have heard in my life.

    It sound like a song you would hear at the end of a story.As the hero rushes towards his final destination.Kinda like a song that plays on one of the last levels of a game.Yet there is a touch of sadness in the song as if to say if he does not get there soon something bad could happen.

    and right at about the 38 second is where I completely fell in love with the song.The feeling you get from that part is so hard to explain.If I were to put some words to it then those words be beauty, reminiscence, and infinite possibilities.

    Out of all the song I have heard you play this one is by far the greatest.piano and violin in my opinion is the best combination of instruments please keep the violins.

    I beg of you though don't just let this be an experimental music project put some time into making it better.Make this song great I really want to hear the end of it.

    And before I forget I want to thank you for you continuing to post new music of yours all the time I'm a big fan of you Aivi.I hope one day I can make piano music as beautiful as yours. :)

  7. Hey Aivi--are you planning on arranging any Pokemon music? The Black and White Soundtrack is awesome, and I think you could do wonders on a piece like this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6c56s_DzQuE&feature=related. Just an idea, it's okay if you don't like those games/their music.

  8. Siiiirius! It's Chimu! Just stopping by to say hi and that we're all still thinking of you. :D We've got an art contest going right now and you're one of the subjects.

  9. I really loved the Basic Step improvisation when I first heard it, but now it deosn't seem to be working... is there a problem with the site? Keep playing!

  10. I LOVE IT !!! Congratulations for those amazings pieces of music ... I just can't stop listening to your Mario and Zelda covers. You made my day ... and my week ! Thank you very much ! Merci beaucoup ! Clément

  11. Both of these pieces are fantastic. Butterfly is brilliant, although I would agree that I'd like to hear a greater prominence of the piano line. I'm in love with your arrangement of Basic Step, though. I've been listening to it on loop all day, haha. Just wanted to say that your work is fantastic, and I'm really glad that you're sharing your talents with the world. =)

  12. WHERE IS THE REPEAT BUTTON!!!! Both tunes seem to just move me but the Basic Step is really appealing! It makes me want to break out the Wii Fit and do some Stepping!!