September 8, 2010

“Piano Fantasia” Video, from Secret of Mana

What’s going on here, two posts in one day?!

This is a simple medley I made to cheer a friend up a long time ago, with some themes that I like. I decided to call it a “fantasia” because I was sort of winging it as I went along (quick terminology lesson: a “fantasia” is a musical composition with a more free structure, and it often has an improvisatory feel, sometimes sounding abrupt when it moves between sections. In short, it’s a piece where the composer does whatever he darn feels like.) I really like how it came out.

Secret of Mana has one of the most amazing game soundtracks, and even though I haven’t played the game, the music is incredibly inspirational to me. The themes I used in the medley are “Together Always”, “Color of the Summer Sky”, “Fear of Angels” and “A Bell is Tolling.”

(You can tell what piece I love the most by the fact that I spent a whole 2 minutes on it, hehe.)


  1. Hi,
    This is all very beautifull, lot's of music to my heart.

    The piece right after the middle reminds me a bit of the Spirited Away sound track.

    Thank you!

  2. Glad to hear from you :)

  3. AIVI!

    I love you so much now! Great job, really! :D

    You should really, really, really do weekly updates if you can manage!

    You're probably busy and all, but all of your fans would really appreciate it... I've been waiting for this update since June.

    Also, I have learned Gusty Garden on piano from NinSheetMusic's arrangement. It's obviously pretty impossible to play, but I'm a good improvisor.

    If you're interested in seeing it, it's incorrectly placed under Super Mario Galaxy 2 here:

    Thanks for the two updates today!


  4. Didn't play Secret of Mana enought to remember its OST very well, but it's something I HAVE to do listening these arrangements of yours.

    Everybody tells me to play it, anyway. They say its a Master Piece. Don't know if I'll be able to do it soon with college around but we'll see.

    And i'm with Jordan, i've been waiting so much for your updates. Thank you. Its good to have you back =P

  5. Aivi! All of your music is amazing and thank you for not quitting on your fans :)

    Please if you can post sheet music! Its so much fun to learn!

  6. I do hope you'll post the sheet music, I've been hoping for this~