April 27, 2009

Same Sky Video Blog

Eddy Fattig a.k.a. D3stinySm4sher featured my work in his videogame video blog, Same Sky! He introduces his VG music spotlight and my Super Mario Galaxy arrangements at 3:14.

Eddy is currently a Reviews Editor at Zentendo.com. I believe this is his first time venturing into the world of vlogging, so head on over to his YouTube page and give him a couple stars and some feedback about what you’d like to see in his future videos.


  1. Good stuff ^^ One small step for a..I really don't know how to apply that in this situation, but yeah--you're an internet star! Grats!

    I could never stand vlogging though. I am pretty ok with reading, but listening and watching a monologue on something is just boring and awkward for me. Not to mention most of the time, the sound quality is just horrible, and I could barely understand anything the vlogger says.

  2. awww congrats aivi! :)

  3. Thank youuu, both of you! :D

    I don't usually watch vlogs, either, but I'd be willing to if a good one that sparked my interests came along. I'm not so into the celeb gossip and comedy/diary ones.

  4. Hell, I didn't even know Vlogs actually existed =/

    It's great yout great work is being known somehow around the internet, Aivi. Hope you can also have a chance to achieve what you wish, to work on a videogame Sountrack or something like that.

    Have you ever tried to contact some Indie Game Creator? With all Wiiware, PSN al Live Arcade stuff, it's becoming a very popular way for beginers to show everyone what are they able to do.

    I found the vlog-like think quite boring thought.

  5. Haha, looks like that didn't go over the best, eh? xD

    Ah, well. Experiments experiments.

  6. I think you are blushed by that video, Aivi!
    I think your name is pronounced as ay-vee! Am I right?