March 31, 2009

“Wind Waker Unplugged” Video, by Fredrik Larsson

Many Zelda games seem to possess their own musical flavor, from the Chinese opera-inspired soundtrack of Majora’s Mask, to the melancholy digital sounds of Midna’s world in Twilight Princess. Even though I haven’t played much of the game itself, the charming Celtic-inspired music of The Wind Waker has grown to be one of my favorite Zelda soundtracks.

I found this one-man band medley video of mostly Wind Waker themes by Freddie25 on YouTube, and I can’t help but to feel awed and inspired long after the final chord.


  1. So when are you going to do a one-girl band video?
    Wind Waker is by far my favorite as far as Zelda OST goes. I think it's probably just the theme of the game, but it really strikes a chord with me.

  2. When I learn how to play more than one instrument! ;)

    You know, I'm a big fan of Yasunori Mitsuda's work (e.g. Chrono Cross) and his music tends to be Celtic-inspired. Wind Waker's music also draws from Celtic influences, and I love it as well. So perhaps there are specific chords/harmonies/modes and other musical aspects that you and I both find striking, unique to a certain kind of music. :)

  3. Hell, that was incredible.

    Yup, Wind Waker has one of the Best SoundTracks of all the Zelda Series. It has an unique personality, keeps epic while staying calm, relaxed, just like the sea.

    Thanks for posting it =P

  4. How have you not played Wind Waker?

    I really liked it, even though everyone else said it sucked.

  5. I started to play it, and I love it so far (though admittedly I'm only at Windfall Island.)

    And if you think it kicks butt, it must be good. :D

  6. Three comments in one day. I hope I'm not spamming! XD

    I've never seen that video before, and I feel bad for saying it. That was epic-awesomesauce, right there! I'm inspired. Maybe I should make a video like that. I wonder if I could...

  7. This guy is so unbelievably talented...
    GAHH i get chills every time i watch this.