March 5, 2009

“Boss Battle 2” Video, from Star Fox 64

Three days in a row! This one goes out to my fellow sort-of-old-school gamers. My gaming roots lie in the N64 - it was only a matter of time before I indulged.


  1. Aivi, thank you!
    I love Starfox and it never got old. Did it? You should see how much McCloud has evolved over the years. Almost a total metamorphasis! It's really weird but I have a crush on him!

    Anyway, wonderful playing. I'll be looking forward for the next songs you will post. Keep playing!

    This may be a lot to ask but, there's this song I would really like to hear on piano... the original version sounds do I put this... cheesy, perhaps?
    Can you play the StarWolf theme? And possibly post the notes for it in the future? I've been dying to get my hands on those notes but I can not find anything.

    You don't need to if you don't want to...

    BTW, Thank you sooooo much for posting the Bouy Base Galaxy theme's notes... I'll spend my life's time to figure it out!

    Fox's secret crush...
    Wolf O'Donnell

    -_- must be a little awkward for you imagine huh? I'm sorry...

  2. I must-
    I will-
    It's 100% true...

    WOW!!! You can play girl!!O:

  3. To Wolf: Thanks a lot for the compliments! I've witnessed many odd pairings as a gamer girl, and I think it's devilishly sweet of you to have feelings for Fox. ;) It might take awhile, but I'll look into the Star Wolf theme for you. I'm a big fan of the SF64 soundtrack!

    To Anonymous: Thank you!

  4. Really? You'll take a look?
    Thank you so much!
    I am also a big fan of their sound-track. All of them sound so epic and brave. Sounds like Fox! hehe.

    "Devilishly sweet"...
    You're so nice. Usually, once I out to others about the feelings torward Fox, the usual response is a put-me-down after put-me-down. I understand that it may be strange but do they really have to be so mean about it? It tears you up when you hear things like that. Means a lot, thank you...

    I'm also a pianist.. You being the superior, I guess I can call you another inspiration. You're welcome!

  5. Wow, that is amazing! It sounds so Rapid and Angry. Even Better than Bouy Base! You just keep improving every time!

    Can I ask you something... How long did it take you learn the song? And, will you post the notes for it?

    I didn't know the game had such a song. I wonder why they don't have this as an available selection on SSBB? It would be perfect for fighting.

    (Adding on to Wolf): I would also like to hear StarWolf...

    ...P.S, i sent you present by email to congradulate you for giving us Bouy Base...

  6. Thanks, John! I practiced for about a month, starting off at a snail pace to memorize the patterns. I'll post the sheet music when I have some more Star Fox arrangements ready, like the Star Wolf theme.

    Also, yes, I received your presents through email. Sorry I haven't replied yet. I didn't know you were an artist!

  7. Squishyfunny... Laffytaffy!April 12, 2009 at 6:01 PM

    I watched your hands go invisible for a few moments from playing that fast. How'd the hell did you do that? Do you have like...super powers?! O.o

    You're awesome!!! Unbeleivable!!! I compeletly fell apart when I heard this. XD

    I'm also a burning hardcore fan of Starfox (or Nintendo in general). If I don't have a new game, I'll cry till' I get it!

    How do you like an animal? Nothing offensive torwards you but... HOW?!

    Are you the guy who always wears that black suit, coatish thing? You can play BOUY BASE??!! What planet are you from?!!o.O

  8. wow can i please have sheet music?
    i need to impress a girl. thanks.

  9. That looked like an extremely tough song to play, what with all the jumping around the piano and that, but you played it perfectly.
    I salute you, Mastermind.

  10. How do you play it? I ant to learn it even though I don't have the game! I listened to the original music. And .......... YOUR PIANO COVER SOUNDED WAY BETTER! I think that the people who dislike your piano cover dislike it because they are just jealous that they can't do it. I mean, you played it by ear, you play everything by ear! And the people who didlike your videos, they just don't know how you learned it. You don't play it by sheet music, you just watch videos on YouTube and figure out which note is which. Just like me, I can't read music (only a little bit, just the basic notes) and I just watch YouTube Videos of which songs I want to play. Like, I just learned how to play : Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Final Bowser Battle. Can't wait to listen to your newst Video Game songs!

  11. could you please make an easier (easier for the left hand) version of the starfox 64 credit ending? the unsimplified version is at this url;

    it would help me so much if you did because i can play the right hand easily- it's the super fast part of the left hand that i can't play because i'm not quite seasoned enough at playing piano yet ( level 5 in alfreds basic) to give you a good idea i've been playing piano for almost 8 years and i'm 12 and 1/2, to give you a good idea of my piano skills. it took me forever to find music for this song for free, and i would love to have the left hand simplified.