February 13, 2009

Fantasia for Ryan

“Fantasia for Ryan” is a love song that I composed and performed on Valentine’s Day in 2006.

This piece was inspired by the music of Joe Hisaishi and a bit of jazz pianist Hiromi Uehara, two composers that the recipient of this piece and I both admire. I spliced this video in the middle, since I didn’t want to start over after messing up near the end of the piece (I’m short on time this week)... I also forgot to smile since I was a little nervous, but I’m always happy when I play this.


  1. I'm a Chinese 17 years old boy.I'm in China now.I have watched some of your videos in youtube.I think that all the music which you played are very very fantastic.I have never felt bord after I enjoyed it for any times.
    Especially this song.After listening it,it makes me feel relaxed.
    (I haven't learnt English for long.Excuse me my grammar mistakes!):-)

  2. It's so wonderful! I could listen to this all day. (I feel so happy!)

  3. Oh pretty, pretty, Aivi. That was beautiful. I was entranced by the whole piece.

  4. you have a massive carrier ahead of you!^_^ love it.
    as i say in every comment im only 9but have composed 2 pieces and working on a 3rd. (im english not american) im thinking of inviting mary my friend to come over with her cello and i do piano i can play cello but then who will do piano? by the way my 1st piece is called saeshore and the 2nd is called waltz... hmm hmm what shall i call it? can i call it waltz for luma please!!! i think i might thank you once again!^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^! bye remember banni is my nickname!

  5. It's beautiful Aivi, truly the best piece I've ever heard. As you press the keys, I can feel your heart melting. And the love you put into it... The person you played this for must be very important to you.
    You have a great future ahead of you, trust me, you WILL get there!


  6. Thanks, everyone!

    To Banni: Already composing at age 9? Looks like we have ourselves a little Mozart!

    To John: Thanks for you kind comments, once again. The person I composed this for is very near and dear to my heart, so I'm glad it came across for you.

  7. Found your original music! I just posted before I realized it was here. :P

    And let me just say, bravo. What a magnificent piece. Is there anything you can't do?

    By the way, how old are you? Because it seems like I do everything you do on this site, except I'm not as good at it. I'm seventeen.

  8. Fantasia for Ryan=Legendary Zelda Song

  9. I'm not gonna lie, you're very impressive! You have great piano skills, and a great ear for composition. The only real "critique" I have (it's not like I'm trying to be picky or anything!) is the little triplet run at about 1:27... it seems a bit "rushed/forced" to me, honestly.

    I can definitely hear the Joe Hisaishi, and even a bit of some Nobuo!

    Have you ever tried arranging your stuff for orchestra? I could see it being very powerful if done right.

  10. Just curious.. You said you '...composed and performed on Valentine’s Day in 2006'. Does that mean you composed this in one day?!

  11. @Anonymous - Oh, haha. No, I just meant that it was composed for Valentine's Day and was also premiered on that day.

    (It actually took two days)

  12. haha two days, that explains ;-)

    the melting hart the other guy spoke of, I just felt it too.

  13. Re: "haha two days, that explains ;-)"

    I'm not sure what you mean by that, but yes, I composed it half a decade ago when I was in my teens, over the course of 2 days in between studying for midterms, and it was the first time I'd ever written a substantial piano solo. It's a fond little memory!

  14. Nice to read that, but of course I was only kidding. I wouldn't mind a bit if it took you a whole year to compose it. The great thing is it came from the heart.