December 13, 2008

“Organization XIII” Sheet Music, from Kingdom Hearts II

Organization XIII
Format: PDF
Difficulty: Beginner-Intermediate
Info: A contemplative, deep piano theme from Kingdom Hearts II. The ending in this arrangement is borrowed from “Another Side,” an expanded version of the Organization XIII theme used in the Deep Dive trailer from KH: Final Mix.


  1. any chance you can get the sheetmusic for your observatory medley up >___>

  2. I really should, along with "Rosalina's Story/Sad Story"... I'm hoping to get around to that before Christmas.

  3. hey sorry to bother you but im wondering if you can do more Kingdom hearts songs. your probably really buizy but please give it a try!! BTW YOU ARE MY IDOL!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Yeah! please, if you can... play the openings of Kh and Kh2, and maybe... "Dearly Beloved" too. I love you milady *-*

  5. wait, I thought that you were SELLING the sheet music. You should really put that in the description.

  6. Can you please re-post the sheet music for this piece.
    I have lost the PDF I downloaded when it was put up, and I would very much love to play this arrangement again!

    thank you!!!

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