December 8, 2008


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  1. Your music is amazing!!! I'm a Nintendo person myself and absolutelly love videogame music. I just am not to good at playiong music though i do play a few instruments. I was wondering if you could use your amazing piano skills to make a medly of completely Nintendo boss music . Maybe some boss themes from Zelda, then from Mario, Kirby (My hero) and so on, but only if it isn't to much trouble. (If you do could you also put a pdf/mus file of the sheet music up. Thanks for your time

    Continue the amazing work!

  2. To anonymous: Thank you very much! I was planning to arrange another boss medley, using my favorite themes (since the last one was a gift to a friend, so of course, I picked music that he liked.) My favorite themes are rooted in Nintendo games, so hopefully it will feature a few tunes that you like as well.

  3. (>-^.^-<) That's good to here!!!! It's me again! (Clearly) I also heard your original music. I love KH too, and your theme was incredible I could just imagine it in Beast's Castle. I would love to arrange/compose music myself but have difficulty on creating harmony, do you have any tips?
    Thanks for your time once again.

    P.S. i should be getting a very nice computer program for writing music so look out for my stuff in the future!!!! (I'll put a link) And once again keep up the superb work! (thanks for the comet observatory sheet music I couldn't find it anywhere else)

  4. Great blog!
    I tried your Fairy Fountain arrange with my guitar (a quite difficult), but it's so good.
    I love Kondo's music for Zelda series (which I played since I was 10).
    So... very good work.
    Maybe I'll study music. Sometimes I try to compose some things ^^
    Well, congratulations!
    (Sorry for my English, If you see my blog you'll notice I speak only in Spanish)

  5. what is your link? and aivi i love your musicyou play ive been looking for even more sheet music on mario galaxy so thank you
    ps: how do i listen to the music you?
    im only 9 but i dont care how hard it is by the way im english! not american!
    but fantastic worj i love it keep up the good work (you obviously will) I dont know how to spell obviously thank you again!
    my nickname is banni so call me banni.

  6. do you think you could find or get or work out nay super princess peach sheet music? or tianic my heart will go on? please please please just do what you can and i'll keep searching!

  7. on my last comment it says nay i ment to say any (letters mixed up!)

  8. ive done it at the age of 9 i have composed 2 pieces not very long but they have 2 hands and everyone thinks im really good!!!^_^

    ps. any luck aivi for my request of titanic and super princess peach sheet music i also sent you an email thanks bye^_^

  9. hello aivi! :) i have always loved your music and you've inspired me to just keep going on with my piano practice. i do have a request though...
    do you think you can play some MOTHER 3 music sometime? you probably get some requests on it already, but i have a few in particular that i cannot find sheet music/piano music for anywhere.
    in particular...
    -Oh, Buta Mask/MOTHER 3 -
    -Gentle Rain/MOTHER 3 -

    The second one I feel more strongly about, but it's your choice lol thank you!

  10. Girly, you are my hero! I wanna play like you!

  11. To PSInesslove93: Thanks, I'm glad I could inspire you! I'm not very familiar with the Mother series, but the second song you posted is beautiful. I can't make any promises, but I'll see what I can do!

    To BloodRush: Thank you very much!

  12. Hey! so idk the name of this song... but it's from super mario galaxy i was hoping you could do an arrangement here's the song

  13. Hey! I was hoping you could do an arrangment of the dragon boy by hisashi!!!!

  14. To Anonymous #1: I think that song is called "Bowser's Road" and first appeared in Super Mario 64. Sure, I'll take a look at it for you.

    To Anonymous #2: I try not to take non-video game requests, but Joe Hisaishi is my favorite composer EVER so I'll be sure to consider it. :)

  15. aivi me again!
    1. have you replied to my other email?


    3.have you got super princess peach on the ds?
    because i love the music on it!
    im trying to work it out but its not workingp ^_^ please can you help??

    THANK YOU!!!!^_^

    Banni (banni is my nickname)

    ps. if anyone else can work out super princess peach on piano please can you tell me?!^_^ ill keep working on it!

    thank you^_^

  16. Hi Banni! I'm glad you enjoyed the sheet music. I think I mentioned it before, but I don't actually own Super Princess Peach (or a Nintendo DS) and am not too familiar with the music. I'll see what I can do, after I get to the requests before yours. :)

  17. oh sorry yes you did but you didn't say that you did or didn't own super princes peach or a nintendo ds! anyway thank you

  18. there are some viedos on youtube of super princess peach music

  19. The bramble blast theme from Super Smash Brothers Brawl. there are some videos on Youtube

  20. Ok so I am not so sure what this song is called but in super mario 64 the is that bob-bomb battlefield level the background music for it is one of my favs could you take a look

  21. Hi guys, sorry for not replying for awhile. I'll take a look at "Bramble Blast" and "Bob-Omb Battlefield."

  22. I tried your comet observatory and I'm alright at it a bit more practice for the middle of it and I should be able to play it besides it is for advanced people and I've only been learning since september and it's now one day away from june! so maybe i'm getting alittle ahead

    Ps I can play rosalina's from apollomix/ninsheetmusic perfectly but your versions nicer and way better:) your also my inspiration (thank god I found you on youtube!)

    thank you, Leah

  23. Can you make some Super Paper Mario sheet music?

    Thank you! :)

  24. So, what music sheets are in the process right now? --like seriously: NOW! XD Sorry, I just can't wait for a few of my favorite songs you have to come out in to your blog.

  25. To ZeFancyTuna: I'm not working on any sheet music at the moment, except for a "Melty Molten Galaxy" duet for two pianos. Everything else, I've just been playing by ear/memory. I usually make sheet music after I play, though.

  26. Thank you for answering my question, I do hope I see that song posted here soon. What I was intending was the status of the music sheets you haven't posted up yet like Starfox's "Boss Battle 2" and SMG's "Freezeflame Galaxy". But, I'll wait-- I mean, I've got a lot of your beautifully complicated music to finish up! :)... The real name I've heard is "hellprominence" for Melty Molten which is interesting... I play by ear also although, some of my usual methods are copy pasted from song to song like an echo of the last if you know what I mean.

  27. hello, how many requests have you got because I would like you to help me you see me and my 2 friends are forming a band I'm piano and cello ( not singing i cant sing at all!!!) any way im having trouble composng and figuring out the songs, any tips?

  28. Thank you for making your videos MP3's! :)

  29. Hello there Aivi!
    I've been a silent reader of your blog for quite a while now, as well as a spectator of your Youtube videos. I must say though, your music and compositions are very inspirational to me, and I find that you are a great role model to look up to. Not only are you very talented at the piano, you are also amicable, kindhearted, and intelligent. I'm sure many people do recognize your potential as a virtuoso musician and composer, as well as myself. I find a likeness in you, as I also happen to be a pianist, as well as a vocalist. I aspire to be like you one day, and I want you to know that I really apreciate what you do for us readers and spectators. Thank you so much!

  30. Um, have you seen this?

    I just thought it was amazing and fun! I know you can play like this if you tried. I'm not degrading you or anything! ): May be... if you want, you can do something like this with Zach around the end of the video where they play as if it were a competition! But please, take note of the "if you want" D: I don't want to be an annoyance.

  31. To Tiffany: Thank you very much, your kind words mean a lot to me! I'm happy that a fellow musician enjoyed my work. :)

    To John: Hehe, I'm certainly not professional like the people who performed in that movie, but I am classically-trained and did study that kind of repertoire. That scene reminds me a lot of the piano duel from the Legend of 1900 movie. Have you ever seen it?

    Here's the second (and more interesting) half of the duel, it's "fake" in the fingering but still a lot of fun to watch:

  32. Hi! I just want to thank you for being a huge inspiration. I'm doing (or trying to do) the same thing as you, listening to videogame songs and playing them by ear. I've done much Zelda and am now moving on to SM Galaxy. I recently discovered your videos and they have encouraged me a lot, it's actually possible to do this and make it sound awesome! So, thank you very much!

  33. you are an amazing person i swear lol like wow your video game music brings back so many good memories. But i was wondering if you could please send me the sheet music for the flying theme in the legend of zelda ocarina of time. i would highly appreciate it :) my e-mail is, dont laugh i know its corny lol, but its thankyou so much and please dont ever stop playing :)

  34. this is again lol i just want to suggest you should right some spyro the dragon songs :) that would be cool and if you do please e-mail me them thankyou verry much :)

  35. To Julia: Thanks a lot! It's honor to hear that from someone who has the same hobby as I do. :)

    To Thanks for your kind words! I haven't made the sheet music for the Flying Theme from OoT yet, unfortunately. I should really get around to writing down some of those Zelda tunes...

  36. Just letting you know, you are the BEST piano player I've EVER heard. Pure brilliance. I would love to get piano lessons from you, but unfortunately, I live in AUS. Keep playing and good luck with your career. :)

  37. (This is the same Anonymous as before)
    Would you be able to perform the 'Tarm Ruins' theme from the 'Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons'?
    If you could, I would be very grateful. The song can be heard on
    Thank You!

  38. Sorry if this makes you feel a little bit wierd. But, I think your really pretty. :)

  39. i love listening to your music
    please don't ever stop!!

    have you ever played the paper mario series?
    I love the game and the music is (despite being quite juvenile) really good
    although i might just like it so much because i love the game =)
    try listening to these:
    i know the game is old but if you havent played definitely take a look!
    one of my favorite games of all time :)

  40. Your music is great! I was listening to you composition, "Suite for a Kiss Goodnight" and I love it! It would be amazing if you could post the sheet music for it! Also since you have alot of Mario Galaxy music I was hoping you could add one more. Its called Birth on the soundtrack. It's my favorite but i cant seem to find it anywhere.

    I have almost all of the sheet music on your site and i love your arrangements.

  41. Hallo Aivi! Keep producing lovely music please because they are the ultimate stress-busters! I have a few requests for you to play if that's quite alright.

    - 'Snowman' from Earthbound
    - 'Pokemon League (Day)' from Pokemon D/P/Pt
    - 'Kaepora Gaebora's Theme' from Ocarina Of Time
    - 'Ocean Overworld' from Wind Waker

    Thank you and keep it up. I am waiting very excitedly for your Gusty Garden theme, because I now it's going to be a belter!

  42. I am AnneKMT123! Hi! Your music is amazing!

    I would like to make a suggestion: Professor Layton. It's a puzzle series for the Nintendo DS, and the music ROCKS. I know that you can find the music on Yotube somewhere...

    Above should be, in order, Layton's theme and the theme of the Elysian Box. If you could do one, I'd be happy.
    I highly suggest this game to you as well (it gets a little...addictive, but it's a decent obsesion, trust me).

  43. I agree with anonymous on the Professor Layton thing; but he/she didn't include the song "St. Mystere". Check that out, too...

  44. I hope you could make "Freeze Flame Galaxy" theme from Super Mario Galaxy..

    p.s. I really enjoyed to watch the video that you played this song!

  45. Could you do super mario galaxy: purple coins?
    I know that even if you do do this, it'll be a while, but since i'm still fighting an uphill battle against other arrangements of yours, I probably won't be able to fit anything new into my practice time anytime soon anyways.

  46. Hello there! Big fan of yours, I LOVE the videos of your playing. I've heard your original compositions, and I've been wondering if you could share the sheet music for some of them.